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Welcome to Art de Finance

Understanding what makes the art industry unique from others is crucial to creating a decentralized art platform.
The art and collectibles, the primary products of the art industry, have unique values for each item and are non-fungible unlike standardized industrial goods or stocks.
Moreover, it’s impossible to remove aesthetic consideration, which is often subject to the audience and critics’ interpretations. Cultural value is an inevitable component to the valuation of the art and collectibles.
By this reasoning, Art de Finance’s goal is to unite digital art, commonly represented in NFT form, with physical art and build a community where producers, artists, galleries, and consumers communicate in a common space.
Through Art de Finance, physical art can be efficiently verified using blockchain technology and traced in its history, allowing transparent valuation standards to be introduced to digital art.
Art de Finance will build a platform that doesn’t compete, but rather mutually benefits the market players. On the platform, galleries and artists will not only gain global publicity and establish new artwork sales channels but also form fandoms by building communities. In addition, collectors will secure a market where they can easily browse both domestic and foreign works and trade them.
Art de Finance will establish itself as a reliable partner through stable NFTs pegged to real objects and certificates of authenticity using blockchain technology and will maximize user experience and asset liquidity through decentralized finance and NFTFi.
Art de Finance will contribute to the development of the art industry and the popularization of art by providing cultural and educational content to users for aiding in understanding its value, in addition to generating economic benefits.
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