Art de Finance


Artiside Structure
The emergence of NFTs, which are tamper-proof and guarantee digital ownership through blockchain revolutionized the art market.
In particular, the growth of the digital industry has entered a new phase as digital art can be produced, exhibited, and traded through blockchain without a centralized institution.
Due to a wide variety of factors and considerations such as ethnicity, age, and gender, establishing an objective value can be challenging. As such, curation is an essential component of the art industry.
However, forming curation digitally can pose difficulties in reality. Art de Finance is building an infrastructure tailored to the changes of the times.
Based on the ‘Artiside’ platform, we want to provide Web 3.0 Social Curation. This allows the community to participate in the curation of digital art.
Emerging artists can attempt to enter the art market based on direct/indirect support from the platform.