Artwork Purchase

Works can be purchased in two ways: Fixed Price and Auction, and Price maintains a fixed value by linking USDT (Thether) to US dollars to maintain a one-to-one reserve ratio.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, which fluctuate in price, it maintains a 1:1 value with the dollar and is not affected by the price volatility of cryptocurrencies when selling artworks.

1. Fixed Price

Regular price sales can be purchased at the suggested price (USDT), and there must be sufficient balance in the connected wallet before purchase, including the network usage fee (hereinafter referred to as the mileage fee). At the time of purchase, wallet signatures are processed in the connected wallet, and mileage fees are charged for network authorization processing. Mileage fees, once paid, are non-refundable.

2. Auction

By participating in bidding within the auction period, when you participate, the auction price is automatically calculated as 5% of the previous auction price and you participate. The auction price cannot be arbitrarily suggested, and the bidding price is formed by 5% of the previous auction price. Participation in the auction cannot be canceled, and the bid will be awarded at the highest bid price until the end of the auction.

For fair auction transactions, you cannot participate in the auction until one minute before the end of bidding, so if you wish to participate in the auction, you must participate until one minute before the end of bidding.

Bid History allows you to check the auction history of your work.

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