Art de Finance

Terms & Definitions

Art de Finance

The main platform for building the art infrastructure that can serve as a bridge between physical art and digital art.


A Web 3.0 Social Art Platform that includes functions such as Seeding and Red Label that are being developed by Art de Finance.


Users on the Art de Finance Platform.


All artists registered on the platform can participate in the Seeding pool. However, only selected artists can be sponsored so that artists selected by the community can receive support from the community. The staking reward goes to Artistars as a form of contribution.


The artist selected by Seeders (Star Artist)


Stakers who participated in Seeding

Red Label

$ADF tokens can be donated to artworks of their interest by using the $ADF, Art de Finance token linked to your wallet. Patron, who supported Red Label, receives a portion of the sales amount as a reward at the discretion of the artists when the work is sold, forming a virtuous cycle within the art platform.


All users who visit the platform including Patron can click the Like button on the artist page they like, and there is no need for a separate fee or integration to their wallet


Reference to a program in which an incentive is given when artists already onboarded to Art de Finance recommends another artist.

Certificate Of Authenticity NFT

a concept that enables digital transactions by recording guarantees for physical arts in the form of NFTs on the blockchain.
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