🚩Red Label & Like

Having knowledgeable and experienced curators helps to evaluate the value of digital art.

However, it is difficult in reality to secure a large number of certified curators on the Web 3.0 platform, and reliance on curators can cause the issue of centralization in the curating process.

Furthermore, if a curator fails to be secured, the operation of the platform becomes impossible. Artiside will conduct social curation, a function that supports artwork, where $ADF holding patrons will participate to address such problems and provide a decentralized curation process.

The evaluation of Digital Art formed through Social Curation can provide more decentralized and transparent curation through collective intelligence as the number of participating Patrons increases.

Artiside's social curation can be divided into 'Like' and 'Red Label'.

In order to achieve as much collective intelligence as possible, the Like function is implemented in a manner that does not require separate expenses and wallet connections.

Users participating in Artiside can interact simply by accessing the platform, and through this, they can express their interest in the artist's work.

In the case of Red Label, platform participants (users with technically linked wallets) can use $ADF, Artiside's utility token, to donate $ADF tokens toward interested artists. Patron, who sponsored artworks with Red Label, receives a portion of the sales amount as a reward at the discretion of the artist when the work is sold, forming a virtuous cycle within the art platform.

Red Label & Like Process

I. Patron can browse works that have been registered and minted in the marketplace.

II. Patrons can like the artist page they enjoy and there is no additional cost.

III. $ADF can be used for sponsorship purposes under the Red Label feature, and the full amount goes to the artist.

IV. When an artwork that a patron selected through Red Label has been sold in the marketplace or auction, a portion of the profits may be allocated to the patron with the Red Label at the artist’s discretion.

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