'Seeding' is when members stake $ADF in the Artiside platform in the Seeding Program.

The Seeding Program of Artiside aims to patronize artists and grow together with Stakers. Therefore, Stakers participate in Seeding for the artists they want to patronize.

The Staker, or 'Seeder' who participates in Seeding by selecting an artist receives a portion of the profits obtained through Seeding, which is shared with the artist.

The Seeding Program operates on a weekly basis through 'Episodes.' When an Episode opens, Seeders are free to participate in Seeding for multiple artists.

Artists are grouped based on the amount of Seeding and the number of Seeders they receive during the progress of an Episode. The number of artists that can belong to each group may vary, causing the composition of artists within a group to fluctuate throughout the Episode.

Since the amount of Reward generated within a Seed Group is the same, the size of the distribution reward pie varies depending on the number of participants.

The Seeding Rewards generated within each group are distributed proportionally to the amount of Seed for each artist when an Episode ends. The distributed rewards are then divided among the artists and the Seeders who have participated in Seeding.

Those who have contributed a larger Seeding amount and Seeders who have Seeded early in the beginning of the Episode receive a higher proportion of the rewards even if Seeders have Seeded the same artist.

The artist's share is determined based on the commission rate set by the artist (0-5%) for distributing the rewards. The commission rate remains unchanged during the progress of the Episode.

If you earn rewards through Seeding, make sure to request them within 2 weeks after the Episode ends. Rewards that are not claimed within the designated period will be reinvested by Art de Finance in other programs for the benefit of the Artist and Seeders.

You can claim the rewards to your wallet after 4 weeks of lock-up period. Rewards that are in the lock-up period can be viewed in the "Pending Rewards" section under [Wallet] > [Reward].

You'll receive smaller amount of the pending reward if you choose to claim the rewards immediately, while waiting for the lock-up period will allow you to claim the full 100% reward.

Remember to claim the rewards to use them as assets.

"Unseeding" is when Seeders unstake the amount they have seeded to an artist in the Seeding program. Unseeding must meet the following two conditions:

  1. 4 days (+96 hours) after the last Seeding date.

  2. After the last Seeding Episode has ended.

These conditions are calculated based on the date of seeding for each artist, so the Unseeding eligibility may vary for each artist. The Unseeding button will be activated when Unseeding conditions are met.

If you do not Unseeding the amount seeded in the specific Episode, it will automatically be reseeded in the next Episode. Auto Seeding is irrelevant to the Unseeding conditions.

Seeding Process

I. Deposit $ADF into the artist pool of your choice.

II. The inflation reward of the $ADF token deposited by the Seeder is provided to the artist to patronize their artworks.

III. The platform is activated through the creative activities of sponsored artists.

IV. Seeders can unstake $ADF tokens at any time.

Seeding White paper

For detailed information of Seeding Program, please refer to the following link.

Seeding White paper

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