💻Digital Art

Artiside, a compound word for Artist and Be by your side, refers to a place where people who want to support artists gather and it is a Web 3.0 Social Curation Platform being built by Art de Finance.

Through Artiside, emerging artists can produce quality work with the support of the community, while the Artiside community forms a virtuous cycle in which profits are distributed according to the activation of the platform.

Artiside’s two pillars:


Artiside supports ‘Seeding’, a unique staking system that can connect emerging artists with the community.

Seeding is similar to the general DeFi staking method, but decentralized sponsorship can be provided to emerging artists with high potential, and sponsors (stakers) can receive a portion of the proceeds in case of an artwork sale.

“Red Label”

The term “Red Label” is used as a positive sign that “the artwork has been sold.” The term has been adopted to anticipate the potential value of the artist’s artwork and support it through expressing interest.

Artists can reach a high number of Red Labels and gain more exposure as top artists, and they can distribute profits from the artwork sales to the community to actively utilize this feature.

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