Art de Finance

ADF Tokenomics

The launch of Art de Finance will generate a new era in Web3-driven Art and NFT where all participants can transform traditional art markets by digitalizing (NFT) and providing liquidity. For such progress to take place, ADF Web 3.0 Social Curation will be a key factor in Art de Finance’s success.
It will have the opportunity to shape the direction of asset valuation and the direction of the protocol’s core tokenomics. The Web3 community needs to be seeded with an initial distribution and fair drop for ADF DAO to operate.

ADF Utilities

  • Registration Fee
  • Seeding
  • Red Label
  • Platform Governance Voting
  • Live Streaming Voting
  • De-Fi Staking Reward
  • Limited Edition Events
  • Exclusive offline Exhibitions
  • Fee Discount
  • NFT Whitelisting