Art de Finance

Physical Art

Physical artworks, in addition to NFT/Digital Art, are available on the Art de Finance platform. Unlike digital artworks, physical artworks require additional procedures.
To register a physical artwork, a certificate of authenticity, Provenance, must be submitted to the Art de Finance platform. Once proof of authenticity has been verified, the actual artwork will be stored in an Art Storage in partnership with Art de Finance.
The onboarded physical work is pegged to the NFT with a guarantee and has an exchange value of 1:1. When this guaranteed NFT is sold on the marketplace, ownership will be transferred to the new purchaser.
Art de Finance also offers live streaming services for art exhibitions, along with the marketplace and social curation options. The purpose of live streaming is to make it easier for community members to access art through exhibition tours they wish to experience by using media channels such as YouTube.
Simultaneously, live streaming of content was planned to create a symbiosis for artists, galleries, and communities through sharing a source of entertainment by forming a fandom for artists, who are the major providers in the art market.
Last modified 10mo ago