In Artiside, you can support the activities of your favorite artists through β€œSeeding”. Seeding simply means staking ADF tokens and providing rewards to artists.

  1. If you click the [Seeding] menu, you can see the list of sponsored artists. Choose an artist you like, or think is promising from this list of artists. You can also click on the artist profile from the list of works or from the work detail page.

  2. Click the [Seed to this Artist] button on the artist details page. In order to seed, the wallet must be connected.

  3. Enter the amount to seed this artist and click the [Enable] button at the bottom of the pop-up.

  4. A wallet signature is required to authorize seeding. Sign in when the wallet pop-up opens.

  5. One more signature is required for the token deposit. When the wallet pop-up opens, please sign in again. Seeding is complete when you sign.

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