NFT Issuance

Artworks are issued as non-fungible tokens that embody the uniqueness of the work. Once issued as an NFT, it cannot be changed, so please check the information before issuing.

NFTs are stored in connected wallet addresses after issuance. After confirming the wallet address to be stored, click the Approve button. If you want to change the information of the NFT to be issued, click the Back Button to edit the information. When issuing NFTs, the Polygon network is used, so network usage fees (hereafter referred to as mileage fees) must be paid. In order to issue NFTs separately from ADF tokens, Matic, a token issued by Polygon, is required.

When issuing NFTs, wallet signatures are performed in the connected wallet, and mileage fees are charged for network approval processing. Mileage fees, once paid, are non-refundable.

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