Partner Registration

1. Registration

Before registering as a partner, you must first be signed up as a member. Since a wallet signature is required, if you have registered as a member with Google or Apple, please connect an additional wallet.

Members with connected wallets will proceed with the new registration process if there is no previous registration history when connecting the wallet.

2. Partner registration information entry Please enter in detail the name and date of birth of the artist, along with an introduction and philosophy about the work.

3. Partner Registration Fee

We receive a small amount of partner registration fee to support the continuation of creative activities and community vitalization. The subscription fee must be paid with ADF Token so please prepare in advance before applying for registration.

ADF Token, a token issued by Art de Finance, can be added to the connected wallet and transferred.

If you are unable to join us, the partner registration fee you paid will be refunded to your payment wallet account. However, after signing up as a partner, the partner registration fee will be non-refundable.

4. Registration Completion

When you pay the registration fee after entering all partner registration information, it may take several days to receive final approval upon reviewing internal documents.

Once the final approval is complete, you can join as a creator for Art de Finance and continue your creative work. And through open communications between creators and collectors, you can share your thoughts and opinions about your creations and get sponsored by collectors.

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