Market set-up

Issued NFTs can be set up for sale in THE FLUX (Market). The sales type can be selected from Fixed Price or Auction sales, and the price maintains a fixed value by maintaining a one-to-one reserve ratio by pegging US dollars to USDT (Thether). Unlike other cryptocurrencies, which fluctuate in price, it maintains a 1:1 value with the dollar and is not affected by the price volatility of cryptocurrencies when selling works. You can set up a sale at any time without registering on the market, and you can also register on Artiside to freely communicate with collectors about your work. 1. Fixed Price

Issued NFT works can be registered in the market as regular price sales. There is no set price range for the selling price, but we respect the effort and value of the artist that goes into the work. 2. Auction You can also conduct an auction for issued NFT works.

The auction period can be selected from 1, 3, or 7 days, and if there is no auction participant until the end of the auction period, it will be excluded from the market list, and it can be registered at a fixed price or auctioned in the market again later.

After setting the initial bidding price, the bidding price is formed by increasing the price by 5% after participating in the auction. Participation in the auction cannot be canceled, and the bid will be awarded at the highest bid price until the end of the auction.

3. Artiside In addition to registering for THE FLUX (Market), by registering on Artiside, someone can become a fan of you and exchange opinions about the works you have created or become a fan of another artist and share your opinions about the work. And you can support it as a means of appreciating and cheering for your creations.

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